Malaysia Airlines Business Class (NRT~KUL) Photos & Review !

I flew on Malaysia Airlines business class from Tokyo, Japan to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I will let you know its review.

Malaysia Airlines is in financial difficulties, but the Malaysia Airlines business class I experienced has comfortable seats and delicious in-flight meals! I was able to enjoy a very comfortable flight.

King seat of A 330!

The Malaysia Airlines (Tokyo – Kuala Lumpur) that I flew on was an A 330 aircraft. Malaysia Airlines A 330 has 27 business class seats. This type of seat is a “Staggard” where the front seats and the back seats sit alternately, but the window seats are arranged differently in rows A and K.

The seat I reserved is 1K. This is a special seat with only three seats in business class, and one person can occupy the space for two people. This is like first class! By the way, the seat behind me is very small because two people use the same space I have.

The seat belt is a special three-point type. This is like a driver’s seat. This has a very expensive Mr. Ahn, but I don’t like wearing this because it is hard to move.

The seatbelt turns into a normal seatbelt when the bracket at the shoulder is unfastened, but the bracket must not be unfastened when the plane takes off or lands.

Malaysian Airlines Champagne

When the plane became stable, the drink service started. I ordered champagne. Malaysia Airlines champagne is called “Duval Leroy”. I feel moderate sweetness and energy when I drink this.

It’s the same kind of champagne offered at JAL First Class Lounge in Tokyo’s Haneda Airport (Vary from time to time) and a very expensive drink for a business class.

Delicious “Satay”

A famous Malaysian airline business class in-flight meal is named “Satay”. This is a dish served as Amuse-Bouche, where meat is skewered and grilled.

There are two kinds of Satay, beef and chicken, but I like chicken. Both Satay are delicious with sweet sauce with peanuts! Also, these are small and easy to eat.

You can reserve the main dish in advance.

After Satay, in-flight meals are offered. The appetizer is soba, bread and seafood plate. This seafood is fresh and delicious!

The main menu is Seafood Coconut Curry. It includes fresh shrimp and fish and coconut milk flavored rice and is very delicious!

The main menu is Chef on Call, a special menu that requires a pre-order from the airline’s homepage. However, you may not be able to choose depending on the season, so if you want to order this menu, it may not be possible.

But there are other delicious menus besides this one, so you should expect it.

A La Carte Menu

Other than course meals, there are 4 a la carte menu. I ordered “Egg noodles” and “Tandoori chicken baguette”, and both menus had high quality ingredients and were delicious! However, the quality of the egg noodles is not good as fast food.


  • Seat:★★★★★★★★★
  • Meal:★★★★★★★★
  • Service:★★★★★
  • Price:1,290USD (Round trip)
  • Total score:75 / 100

The seats and in-flight meals are great! However, CA’s service is not high, so the overall rating is low.

This price is lower than JAL business class, but if Malaysia Airlines holds a sale, the price will be even lower. I also bought a ticket on this flight using Malaysia Airlines’ sale, and it cost about 750 USD.

Also, even if a passenger buys an economy class ticket, you can upgrade to business class later by “bidding system” so if you have an opportunity to fly with Malaysia Airlines, let’s give it a try!