Good Sleep? or Bad Sleep? Malaysia Airlines Business Class (KUL-NRT)

The last Malaysian business class flight I experienced was a night flight from Kuala Lumpur to Narita. This isn’t my first time on a Malaysia Airlines late night flight, but this time I tried it out on the last row of business class seats.

You can also choose traditional Malaysian cuisine for the in-flight meal served prior to arrival. What does the dish taste like? I will report for you.

MH 88 : Night flight

Malaysian Airline (MH 88), on which I flew, leaves Kuala Lumpur at 23: 30 and arrives at Narita Tokyo at 7: 40 the next morning. The equipment on this flight is an A 330, which is the same as all the flights I have flown.

But for the first time on this flight, I sat in the 7A seat at the very back of business class. Near my seat is the front row of economy class, where people with babies may sit. I didn’t want to hear the baby’s cry, but fortunately no one with a baby sat down this time.

Concerns about toilets

There are three bathrooms for business class passengers. But Malaysia Airlines’ A 330 seat layout is unusual, with just 2 rows of economy class behind the first cabin, which would normally fit only business class. This means that passengers in economy class will have to share the bathroom, which should have been reserved for business class passengers.

And the curtains between business class and economy class will close in the air, giving the wrong impression that the toilets behind business class seats are for economy class passengers. As a result, users concentrate on one toilet in front of business class seats.

This is very problematic. I hope Malaysia Airlines will improve it.

A bedtime snack

The in-flight meal for this flight will be served twice. They serve light meals at first and breakfast 2 hours before arrival. Malaysian Airline Business Class snacks are similar on most flights, with sandwiches, noodles, fruit and cookies often served.

Since this is my 4th flight on this Malaysia Airlines business class, I chose the “Chicken Tandoori Baguette” that I had never ordered before. This is a small sandwich but it is delicious with a lot of ingredients! Three tandoori chicken, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.

There was also a Satay service before meals. But I’ve eaten this Satay many times, so I’m tired of it. I thought it was a waste to leave, so I tried hard to eat.

The taste is very good. Because this Satay is made in a factory in Kuala Lumpur. There are two kinds of Satay, beef and chicken, and chicken is especially delicious. So I want to eat this Satay a lot when I am hungry someday.

Bed: Did I sleep well?

After a snack, I reclined my seat and made a bed. Malaysia Airlines Business Class doesn’t have mattresses and sheets. The width of the bed and the cushioning are the same as the K seats I used before, but the big difference is the seat location.

The very back seat of the business class I’m sitting on is very close to the wall, so it sounds louder than the front seat. This experience proved the fact that “The plane is quieter ahead.”.

That said, I was able to sleep satisfactorily in this last seat. The quality of my sleep did not change when I chose the front seat. Perhaps this predicts that my choice of window seat led to good sleep. The row with the 7A seat I was sitting in has the front and back seats arranged alternately, so if I choose the aisle seat, I probably won’t be able to sleep well.

I recommend that you choose a window seat in the front if you board a Malaysia Airlines business class late night flight.

Breakfast: Traditional Malaysian cuisine

Finally, I review breakfast on this flight. Breakfast begins with a plate of bread and a plate of fruit, followed by a main dish.

You can choose from three kinds of bread. I chose raisin bread, and this bread had a moderate sweetness and was delicious!


  • Seat:★★★★★★★
  • Meal:★★★★★★★★★
  • Service:★★★★★
  • Price:1,290USD (Round trip)
  • Total score:75 / 100

I chose Nasi Lemak for the main dish. This dish is one of Malaysia’s traditional dishes and should be eaten by passengers of Malaysian Airlines.

This red sauce is spicy, but it has umami flavor in the spiciness and is delicious! There are 4 big shrimps, and this is a special menu. This Nasi Lemak is more delicious than any Nasi Lemak I’ve ever had in Kuala Lumpur!