JAL Business Class (Paris~Tokyo) Photos & Review / Seat, Meals

This review was for my flight from Paris to Tokyo on JAL (Japan Airlines) business class. It was a very meaningful time for me to fly using the most comfortable seat of JAL called Sky Suite.

I will tell you about the blissful experience offered by JAL, the “Five Star Airline”.

JAL Business class Seat “Sky Suite”

Currently, the “Sky Suite” seat is used for JAL business class flights from Paris to Tokyo. It is a slightly old seat manufactured in 2013, but it is still used on many aircraft as JAL’s main seat.

The main feature of this seat is that it becomes a private room. This seat has a partition between the seats so that it can be raised and lowered electrically. I was sitting by the window, but when I lift this partition it becomes a complete private room and my privacy is completely protected.

Also, when I press the button on the seat controller, the seat falls down and turns into a horizontal bed. In addition, on JAL’s long distance flights, I can rent a mattress called “Air Weave” for free, which makes me even more comfortable to sleep on.

The mattress is not available on routes connecting Tokyo and Southeast Asia.


The champagne offered in JAL business class is DELAMOTTE BLANC DE BLANCS. This is a very popular champagne made in the same vineyard as the premium champagne “Salon” offered in JAL First Class. I tried Delamotte and Salon before and they taste very similar and delicious.

But even in JAL business class, Delamotte is not available on any device other than the B 777 -300 er. You can check the routes that Delamotte offers on the JAL website.

MealsMain course & A la carte

The in-flight meal I boarded on the flight from Paris to Tokyo was the Amuse bouche, with a course meal of appetizer, main dish and dessert. You can choose between Western and Japanese food. I chose Western food without hesitation. Because Airline from Paris has delicious bread. Even if I choose Japanese food, I can order more bread, but if I want to eat a dish that goes well with bread, I should choose Western food.

The main dish of the Western course is a choice of meat or fish. However, when I told CA that I wanted to eat both meat and fish, I was able to eat both dishes specially.The meat is harder than the meat served in first class, but it is well seasoned. The fish dishes are made very carefully and taste good.

In addition to course meals, JAL Business Class offers a la carte menu that passengers can order whenever they want. The number of menus you can choose is less than the one from Tokyo, but there is no problem because the one from Paris to Tokyo is a late night flight. I ordered curry, but it was less spicy and had a homey taste.


  • Seat:★★★★★★★★★
  • Meal:★★★★★★★
  • Service:★★★★★★★★
  • Total score:80 / 100