Photos & Review! GOLDEN LOUNGE in Kuala Lumpur Airport for Business Class

Located at the satellite terminal of Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, GOLDEN LOUNGE is one of the world’s leading feature and service lounges. I have already written about this first class lounge, but this time I will report on the business class lounge attached to it and tell you how wonderful it is.

Entrance and Bar

I already covered the entrance to the Golden Lounge in an article about the First Class Lounge. This entrance is occupied by a glittering beautiful floor and very beautiful! Last time I went to the first class lounge on the right side of the reception, this time I went to the business class lounge on the left side.

Passengers who can enter the business class lounge are Malaysian airline business class passengers, Oneworld sapphire, emerald status holders and one of their companions.

The approach to the lounge beyond the reception is an elegant space with a beautiful black shiny floor! In the middle of this approach is a bar, the only place in the lounge where alcohol is served. Malaysia is a Muslim country, so we have to be careful about the place and time when we drink in the city, but there is no such restriction in this lounge.

The bar offers beer, wine, liqueurs and many other types of alcohol, but doesn’t offer high-end drinks such as champagne. But the bartender here makes cocktails that meet the customer’s needs. The taste of the cocktail I drink at the cool interior bar is awesome!

Very spacious and luxurious space!

When I step into this business class lounge, I’m surprised at its size! Perhaps this lounge is several times larger than the first class lounge. This place has cool and stylish furniture and interiors arranged in a continuous space without walls and it is very nice!

There is a large sofa in the window area with a carpet on the floor. I feel very elegant when I sit on this sofa and drink cocktails. Each seat has an outlet so you can charge your computer or smartphone. At night, the lights on the sofa turn on, creating a very elegant space.

Buffet with plenty of variety!

In the central area of the lounge, there is a very cool design buffet counter, which serves a variety of dishes to its guests. There are many kinds of dishes here, and it is like a large shopping mall food court.

There is also a custom-made menu in this area, and the chef prepares dishes in front of the guests according to their orders. The menu is pasta and sandwiches. There are two types of pasta, spaghetti and penne, and customers can choose any sauce from the three.

Of all the business class lounges in the world, I think this is the only one where you can enjoy a buffet with so many options.

The Noodle bar

The made-to-order menu that can be enjoyed in this lounge is not limited to pasta and sandwiches. It’s “noodle bar”. The noodle bar is located in a separate area next to the buffet with colorful chairs. Guests go to the counter to order noodles of their choice, and they take the food to their own table and eat it.

There are 3 types of noodles on the menu: vegetable wonton noodles, chicken wonton noodles, and “Nyonya Laksa”, a traditional Malaysian dish. I ate wonton noodles, and this is a very good Consome flavored noodle.

This menu may change depending on the season.

Toilet and shower room

The sanitary space in this lounge is at the very back of the lounge. There are many spacious and clean private rooms, including a washstand. This is a special specification that is never seen in a typical business class lounge, but there is a gap in the door so I can’t relax in it.

The design of this door is the same as that of the next first class lounge, but I hope it will be improved.

In addition, the shower room is located in the same area as the toilet, and those who use the shower should receive a towel at the shower counter before using it.


  • Interior & Seat:★★★★★★★★★★
  • Meals:★★★★★★★★★★
  • Drinks:★★★★★★★
  • Equipment & Service:★★★★★★★★
  • Total score:95 / 100

I’ve visited a variety of airport lounges around the world, but have there been any other business class lounges like this? It has a very large space, a luxurious interior and a variety of buffet. Even though I have the status of being able to enter the first class lounge, I would like to go to this business class lounge without going to the lounge. This lounge is so attractive.