Photos & Review ! Narita Airport American Airlines Lounge

American Airlines operates many flights between the United States and Japan. Therefore, American Airlines has its own lounge <ADMIRALS CLUB> at Narita Airport (Tokyo), its base in Japan.

The interior of this lounge includes Japanese culture and is very nice. This lounge is one of my favorite lounges at Narita Airport.

Location and Entry Conditions

The <ADMIRALS CLUB> at Narita Airport is located in the main building of Terminal 2, where American Airlines departs and arrives. After passing the immigration in the departure area, you can go down the escalator to the entrance of the lounge.

The lounge is open to American business class or first-class passengers, Oneowrld’s sapphire and emerald status holders and a companion. Open daily from 7: 30 AM to 9: 00 PM.

I always use this lounge when boarding Japan Airlines, but it is very empty during lunch time.

Interior including Japanese culture

The interior of this lounge is a little special. This is a lounge operated by an American airline, but it has Japanese culture everywhere. From the entrance to the back of the lounge, the hallway is curved with beautiful wooden partitions that display many traditional Japanese paintings. I think it is very good to visit this lounge just to see this art work.

There are a lot of sofa in the window area than this partition. There are various types of sofas, so users can choose their own seat according to their needs.

There is a big window at the very back of the lounge, and it is a very bright and open space. There are seats facing the window, seats around round tables, and relaxation seats with footrests. I like this calm interior and it is very relaxing.

Buffet: Homemade Hamburgers

The buffet in this lounge is located just to the right of the lounge entrance. There is a food counter in the center and a drink counter on the wall, each of which is a curved buffet with good taste.

There is a large dining area next to the buffet. TV programs broadcast in the USA are broadcast here. There are many seats, so it’s perfect for relaxing while eating.

The buffet menu is fewer than that of SAKURA LOUNGE of Japan Airlines, but depending on the time slot, beef curry served at SAKURA LOUNGE is sometimes served.

When I visited at lunch time, hamburger was the main dish. They can make original hamburgers with their favorite ingredients on bread. This vegetable is fresh and the quality of the beef is good.

The buffet also includes cheese and cake. I ate all these menus, but I think the taste level of cheese and cake is high.

Alcohol: Wine and SAKE

You can drink beer, wine, whiskey, brandy and many more at this lounge. The beer is made by a Japanese manufacturer (ASAHI), but there are Japanese, American, and European wines.

Another feature of this lounge is that you can drink Japanese SYOCHU and SAKE. SAKE is an alcohol made from rice and has the same alcohol content as wine. This is refreshing and delicious, so I hope you will try this rice wine if you visit this lounge.


  • Interior & Seat:★★★★★★★★★
  • Meals:★★★★★
  • Drinks:★★★★★★★
  • Equipment & Service:★★★★★★
  • Total score:70 / 100